Advantages of Using Nonstick Coatings in Dental Field

The first thing that pops up in our mind when we hear the word nonstick is different nonstick pots as well as pans, but there are certain other fields that also use this FluoroMed® low friction PTFE coating. Nonstick coatings are not only used in medical and automotive industries but also play an important role in the field of dentistry. The purpose of using it is because it helps in reducing the amount of bacteria in the environment as well as the mouth of the patient. If you are someone who has to get some treatment done from the dentist and want to know how they keep everything sterile then make sure that the environment clean then you should keep on reading ahead because we will be discussing some of the advantages of using nonstick coatings in the field of dentistry, you can read all about them down below, check them out.

Antimicrobial Coating And Application in Dental Settings

Since we know that our mouths are a home for different bacteria because of the constant amount of moisture in our mouths, which is why you need to clean it regularly to kill the bad bacteria. A lot of dental equipment and tools can be prone to bacteria and some of them are bad ones that can lead to painful infections. In order to reduce all of that they use FluoroMed® low friction PTFE coating and this creates a layer that they cannot penetrate through.


So as we have mentioned before dental tools are coated in PFTE more often than not and this includes surgical instruments that are used in oral surgery so that they can remain sterile, plus they help in sculpting and shaping the dental fillings without them sticking to the instrument.