‘Art Show Bingo’ leaves a lot of empty squares

A young man finds a renewed passion for art in the trifle “Art Show Bingo,” written and directed by Matthew Fine. James Maslow stars as Wil, a painter who tried and failed to make it in the art scene in New York City. He’s back home, helping his dad run a self-storage business, when his fair weather ex Susan (Lillian Solange Beaudoin) invites him to be part of an art fair.

Wil loads up his paintings and his mischievous brother Orrie (Jesse Pepe), who’s equipped with cameras to document the excursion, and plunges into the world of the traveling art fair reviews. He soon discovers a community of quirky artists and artisans, and falls for the purple-haired Rachel (Ella Lentini).

“Art Show Bingo” is exceedingly pleasant, but shallow. The characters rely heavily on stereotype, especially Susan, who is pitted as a romantic rival to Rachel in a half-hearted subplot. The main conflicts in the film aren’t all that compelling — Wil expressing to his father that he wants to make his art, while Orrie meddles in his love life, exploiting it for his film.