The Cat Doth Not Share

The things about cat owners is that a lot of them just cannot seem to have enough cats at home; they want to surround themselves with their furry feline friends all day every day and while we can understand their sentiments, there are certain things about having too many cats that can be problematic.

You see, cats are by nature very possessive beings and if you read this post about cats sharing their litter box, you’ll understand the problems this can cause. You’ll hear a lot of cat owners tell you that their kittens are very nice and playful with each other and don’t mind sharing their food and litter boxes at all. This might be all cute and playful but the reality of the situation is that this peace is often short lived.

It’s always only a matter of time till the runt of the litter tries to dominate the litter box and the others respond in kind. Sometimes there can be fights that will topple the litter box over and in other cases they’ll start marking their territory by dong their business around the box – you know how cats are. If one cat proves himself as the alpha and dominates the litter box then the other one might look for other places to do its business as well, which can be nasty for you to clean up later.

Long story short? If you have more than one cats and you like your place all clean, you should invest in more than one litter box. Cats like their personal space, even with members of their own litter that they’ve grown up with. Give your pet the privacy they need and they’ll never pee in corners ever again.