Cost Effective Drain Repairs

Drains of any kind get exposed to a lot of wear and tear and eventually break down, when this happens a drain can get clogged, start leaking water or completely break down and flood your property. When a drain’s lifespan is completed one needs to have it replaced to prevent it from causing further damage to its surrounding area, but the problem is that replacing a drain can be costly and time consuming. Drain replacement requires digging out the old drain and installing a new one in its place, luckily there is an alternative available as well.

Instead of having your drains replaced, you can have them repaired by relining them, this process involves feeding a slightly smaller pipe into your existing drain that will act as the new lining of your drain. This method provides a cost effective and long term fix to your drain problems, fixing leaks and significantly lengthening your drain’s lifespan.

AusTest Melbourne can provide you with some fantastic drain relining services, one that will help you save time and money and continue using your existing drains for quite some time. When relining a drain, AusTest first uses a CCTV camera to inspect the drain and identify its current state, they then rid the drain of any debris with a high powered water jet. Once they have cleaned and prepped the drain for relining, they begin the process, the end results are then viewed on a CCTV camera to satisfy the customer and make sure that the relining was successful. AusTest is quite popular in Melbourne thanks to the advanced solutions that the company provides and its friendly and responsive staff, you can find out more about their plethora of services on their website or by contacting their personnel over the phone.