Have You Bought The Right Mattress?

If you are waking to back pain every single day then there is something wrong with your mattress and you need to replace it with a good quality mattress which will ensure that your no matter which position you sleep in your back doesn’t hurt when you wake up in the morning, a number of different mattresses available in the market includes air mattress, water bed, inner spring and foam mattress.

It would be cruel to rule out any particular type and would not be fair to pick a winner, it all depends on what type of bed you need and what makes you comfortable, all these differ in firmness, spring and softness, some may feel more comfortable in a much more firm mattress while others may want a much softer one like the water bed, so it all depends on what suits you best but the mattress manufacturers have the responsibility to find the right balance when making these mattresses in order to ensure that no mattress which mattress you are buying it should always be comfortable and doesn’t cause any back pain.

One mattress which has been getting great reviews at every review website is the purple mattress, the purple bed is a company owned by the Pearce brothers who have great reputation in the industry and have over 30 patents licensed by companies worldwide, purple mattresses are designed in a way that these relieve pressure, and that is not just a marketing ploy but a scientifically proven fact and If you read the number of positive reviews about it you will have an idea that it is true, people who have found it firm and hard at first have felt it to be more comfortable after a while and their back pain is a thing from the past now.