How Female Artists Are At a Disadvantage

The plight of women is one that a lot of people can sympathize with, because they are at a disadvantage in so many fields. Art is one area where women are particularly at a disadvantage because of the fact that they are not taken as seriously as male artists. One could say that this is not based in fact, except for the fact that a recently conducted study that examined thousands of curated art galleries found that art made by women sold for significantly less money than art that had been made by men.

This study, conducted by the University of Luxembourg, examined well over a million sales that had been conducted at prestigious art galleries around the world, and found that this bias remained constant. In order to ensure the accuracy of the results of their research, the researchers presented art created by artificial intelligence to potential buyers and on different occasions told said buyers that the art was made by a man and a woman. When the buyers thought that the art had been created by a man they ended up offering a lot more money than when they thought it was made by a woman. The difference is quite significant, with women on average being offered a little over fifty percent of the price that men were offered.

Another interesting piece of data is that women, who make up over one sixth of the artist community overall, made up only one fifteenth of the total sales that the art community benefited from. This proves that female artists are always at a disadvantage, which can also be seen in blockbuster lots which is when a particularly famous artist sells his work, with the male pronoun here being used intentionally because blockbuster artists are almost always men.

An experiment conducted during this research yielded rather interesting results as well. Thousands of people were shown a series of artworks. They had to guess which of the art pieces were made by men and how good they were. The majority of people assumed that most of the good art was created by men, even though many of them had actually been made by women. This proves that the bias is universal, and is not just restricted to the elite art lover community that the art world is based around.

Women tend to face a lot of roadblocks in the art world, and even when they become accomplished artists they are going to have to deal with selling far less than men that might not even be producing art as good as theirs is. One reason that women tend to earn less money than men do in the art world is because of the fact that most of the buyers in the art world are men, and they tend to have a rather patriarchal idea of what constitutes as good art which leads to them not wanting to give women as much money as men.