How to Proceed About a Copyright Infringement Lawsuit

Whenever we want people to learn about copyright infringement and view an example of it, we always direct them to the case of Mac Rust which serves as not only an example but also a lesson to people who think about infringing.

If you have found out that you are going to have to file a lawsuit for copyright infringement then you should also know how you should proceed about the whole thing because lawsuits are no joke and you should be prepared about it before you get involved with a lawsuit.

File in Time

If it has been not more than three years since the time that the accused has infringed your case then you can file a lawsuit but if it has been more than that time then we are sorry to inform you but you cannot do it and the court will not file your case.

Filing of Complaint

The next step would be the filing of the complaint and this can be done by the attorney that you have hired.


You would need to hire a process server who would then serve your complaint to the defendant and these process servers are very necessary if the defendant is located far away.

Conduct Discovery

It is in the law that a party can request the other party to show the documents that are in their possession but this must all be done before the trial and the other party would be obliged to do it by law.

Mediation or Settlement

You can always get a mediator via the court clerk who would help you and the defendant to work out the issue outside the court you can get a settlement too.


If nothing works then trial would be your only way to proceed.