Managing Anti Malware

It is important to manage your preferences for the apps and services you use on your computer. If you end up running everything on their default settings you might end up with a lot of problems because of how easily the services and apps can end up taking control of the processing speed they are set at. This means that when used at their default settings, a lot of apps and services can end up being a load on your computer that make it work slower than it should be working.

This is especially true for the windows defender program in windows 10 and its msmpeng service, which is basically the anti malware service. This can come as a surprise to many people as they do not think of an anti – virus program being one that is going to cause harm to the computer. If you use windows defender then you do not have to worry about damage being caused or it affecting your computer badly. It does not act as a virus and harm you in that process. Instead this anti malware system just uses a lot of space and processing power to run in the background.

When so much processing power is being used up by one program, the other things you are trying to do on your computer will be affected. This is because those things have to be done slowly to manage the needs of the anti malware scan that needs to go on in the background as your surf the web. There are a few things you could od about this though. First of all you can reduce the number of scans that happen in a single day. Or you could just exclude the malware scan from certain sites and websites that are safe and known.