Imre Thormann

Born in Bern 1966. Studies different martial arts, like Aikido, Kung fu, Tai Chi and Taekwon Do after an unsuccessful punk band career. After completing his education in the F.M. Alexander technique in 1990, he makes Tokyo his permanent residence where he takes lessons from Butoh co-founder Kazuo Ohno, and from Michizou Noguchi. 


Since 1993 he has put on several Butoh solo performances in Europe as well as in Japan. Additionally, he performs at several Butoh festivals. In 2001 he initiates the first Japan Now Festival in Bern (Switzerland) and Gdansk (Poland) together with Shigeo Makabe. In 2002 he opens his own Butoh School in Tokyo, which he names “Bodygarage”. 


After 13 years of living in Tokyo, he is now living, dancing and teaching in Europe.