Prepare an Itinerary For Vietnam to Visit The Best Cities

Vietnam might not be ranked among the best tourist countries but we truly believe that the tourists’ spots, people, food and culture there should be explored by each and everyone which is why we are going to help you prepare an itinerary for Vietnam.

Hoi An

It is the city of well-preserved historical sites which serve to be one of the main tourists’ attraction so if you love anything to do with history or architecture enriched with historical stories then get a Hoi An ancient town map and stay for 3 days and experience the art and culture there.


It is the capital of Vietnam so it has a lot to offer but 2 days would be good enough if you are on a tight schedule. When you go there, make sure to visit Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum and drink a beverage called bia hoi which is by Hoan Kiem Lake but we would not recommend that you stay for more than 3 days.


This town is something out of the movies because of the gorgeous views it offer. If you love tranquility, amazing sights, shopping for unique things and meeting with ethnic minorities then you can do all of that in 2 days.

Ha Long Bay

The best way to visit this bay is to book a cruise and go out there for 3 or 4 days. You would love the nightlife there and can even go for diving, caves and national park  visiting, trekking, kayaking, climbing and other such activities.

Phong Nha

Due to the many activities, amazing waters and people, we allot 4 days to this place where you should definitely try out Lao/Vietnamese food, go for motorcycle rides and indulge in other adrenaline pumping activities.