The Importance of Dental Implants

If you have lost a tooth or have some problem that requires that a tooth be removed from your mouth, then you might want to consider getting a dental implant put in place of the tooth that is lost. While there are some other options and way in which you can deal with a lost tooth, none work quite as well as a dental implant. From both a functional and a cosmetic point of view, dental implants do the job better than any other thing.

Some people might even consider leaving their spaces empty but as many different dentists in Midtown Atlanta will tell you, that is a really bad choice. Unless an implant of something else is put in place of the tooth, the rest of the teeth in your mouth start moving about and cause an unbearable amount of pain in your mouth. Having an implant is the best way to stop this from happening. Furthermore an implant can stop any decay in the jaw that might happen after the loss of a tooth.

Our teeth are very important in keeping our mouth and jaw healthy. Most people do not know this but without the teeth moving about and sending signals through their roots to the jaw bone, the jaw will begin decaying and simply wither away after a little while. With an implant you are able to create a replacement tooth and a replacement root that will be attached to the jaw bone. This will make sure that signals are continuously sent to the jaw as you move your mouth around or eat food, preventing any mouth decay. The worst thing about jaw bone decay is that it spreads to the rest of your mouth fairly quickly even if the rest of the teeth are still there.