Understanding Birth Related Medical Negligence

The fact that some people are wrongfully hurt or even killed is a no brainer; there’s always a plaintiff who’s caused injury because of another’s negligence and they have to be brought to justice for their wrongful actions. The perpetrator has to compensate for the damage they caused another person and/or be punished according to the law. However, negligence can also effect birth as well and this is just as serious an issue as the issue around wrongful injury or death.

There are three kinds of medical malpractice lawsuits that can be filed in the case of birth and pregnancy. These claims are a bit hardtop understand and might even sound as a bit excessive or even absurd to some people but once you get to read more about them, they’ll make sense to you as well. You can consult with Costa Ivone lawyers regarding what claims around wrongful pregnancy and birth you can file for in the state of Illinois.

Wrongful Pregnancy

There are certain medical contraceptive procedures that people undergo to make sure that they don’t accidentally conceive a child during sexual activity. In some of these cases, these procedures can be performed incorrectly, which can cause the plaintiff all kinds of damages that revolve around unwanted pregnancy.

Wrongful Birth

In other cases, couples aren’t informed about defects in their unborn children while abortion is still an option for them. In these cases, the plaintiffs can file for compensation that covers the costs of the defective child that’s been born to them.

Wrongful Life

Now here’s where things get tricky. This claim can be filed by a child against the doctors and parents responsible for their wrongful birth. If a child is forced to live a burdened life because of the parent’s negligence, they can argue that no life would’ve been better. This claim is not yet recognised by Illinois law.