What to Expect From Skin Needling

Skin needling recently gained its popularity as a viable skin therapy against aging and a number of different types of skin problems. It’s also known as collagen therapy and micro needling and is something you can attempt at home by yourself as well but it’s still advisable that you get it done by a practiced professional instead to reduce complications. Because of the nature of this procedure, there’s a bit of scepticism around whether or not it’s a good idea.

Naturally, you should always consult with your doctor before you start searching for best skin needling in Perth. The method is supposed to be suitable for most skin types but you never know when some complications might happen. Here are some things to expect from this bizarre way of treating your skin.

What Happens?

Your body produces a substance known as collagen, which helps keep your skin maintain its youth and clarity. During the process, your face will be punctured by tiny needles on a roller so that there’s enough micro damage across your face for your body to produce more collagen to heal.

Can It Hurt?

The idea of having your skin punctured by tiny needle might sound a little painful to most of us but it doesn’t necessarily hurt. You might experience discomfort but after a little bit of anaesthesia has been used, you won’t even feel a thing.

The Results

The real reason why people are getting their faces punctured with so many small needles is simply because it yields great results; your skin becomes tighter than before and your pores shrink. All the scars and blotches you’ve gathered on your face also start to vanish and you look younger altogether.