Why Are Glass Balustrades So Important?

Glass balustrades are all the hype these days and why shouldn’t they be? The number of advantages that glass balustrades offer are phenomenal and nothing can compare to it. Since they are so popular, there are many companies that are dealing with it and some are experts at it like http://australianglassbalustrades.com.au and are known throughout the industry. We are not here to talk about the companies that do glass balustrading, we are here to talk about the reasons because of which glass balustrades are so popular and liked by everyone.

Number of Uses

Glass balustrades can be installed in many places and every other day, new uses are emerging. Most commonly, glass balustrades are used for patios, balconies, stairways, gates, enclosures, swimming pool fences and sometimes whole structures are built with them.


One of the best features of glass balustrades is that they offer amazing visibility which creates a sense of open space and clean area. No matter where they are installed, they allow people to look through them and beyond which is not only useful but also gives the opportunity to gaze upon beautiful views. If a person does not want them to be completely transparent and wants to maintain some privacy, there are glass balustrades that are colored and block the view and absorbs the glare from the sun which is why a lot of people choose this type to be installed as a swimming pool fence.


There is no doubt that glass balustrades provides protection of different sort. As we mentioned above, they provide protection from glare, they protect people from wind, unwanted people and foreign objects. When installed as swimming pool fence, they provide safety to young kids and pets by keeping them away from the swimming pool.